Bearing Bearings with Oil Lubrication

It is extremely important that during storage of the engine, it remains in its original operating position, always keeping the bearings lubricated with a specific oil. The level of this oil should be reelcraft F83050 OLP considered as an extreme limit and should always be respected so that its permanence is in the middle of the level display.

Once motor movement is required, the shaft locking device will also need to be reinstalled. For engines stored for a period that is equal to or greater than the oil change interval, it must be replaced prior to start-up. In case the engine is stored for more than two years, it is recommended to replace the bearings, or it is recommended that they be removed, washed, inspected and re-lubricated.

The oil from the bearings of the vertical motors is usually removed to avoid leakage during transportation. For as long as this storage is necessary, it is necessary to remove the device responsible for locking the shaft and, at least once a month, it must rotate up to 5 turns, the shaft manually. This action is important so that the recirculation of the oil is carried out, making possible the very effective conservation of the bearing in good conditions.