Benefits of the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

These electric motors that are driven by frequency inverters with NdFeB magnets almost have no Joules losses in the rotor, unlike conventional squirrel cage induction motors. As the Joule losses are an expressive part of the total losses in induction motors, removing the squirrel cage and replacing it with magnets, the synchronous motor guarantees a much higher yield than those found in standard and high performance engines.

The magnets in the rotor guarantee a large reduction in electrical losses and consequently guarantee a lower increase in engine temperature. Because of these conveniences, the volume and weight of the permanent magnet synchronous motor when compared to an induction motor of the same power is lower and the lifetime is significantly increased.

When compared to an equal induction motor, the Wmagnet engine volume achieves a reduction of approximately 47%, resulting in a high torque / volume ratio and a 36% reduction in weight. For the same torque / power ratio, reducing the housing size, the ventilation system is also reduced. In this way, a significant decrease in the noise level caused by the fan coupled to the motor shaft is verified.