Brushed Electric Motor

The Brushless type motor is a brushless DC electric motor with a permanent magnet rotor and unlike a brush motor it does not need to slide the electrical contacts on the rotor shaft to operate. This results in lower mechanical strength, eliminates the risk of sparking with increased rotational speed, and reduces the need for periodic maintenance.

In a brush motor the mechanical contact of the brushes with the rotary joint on the rotor axis closes the electric circuit between the source and the windings in the rotor, reversing the direction of current flow in the rotor winding coils. In a brushless motor the rotor is free of winding and instead is equipped with permanent magnets, while the magnetic field generated by the windings of the stator is variable.

This type of engine acme te3533453s is used in Formula E and the first significant advantage relates to the life expectancy of the engine, since the brushes are the “weak point” of an electric motor. The absence of brushes also eliminates the main source of electromagnetic noise, present in electric motors of direct current.