Electric Motors with or without grease fitting?

In electric motors with grease fitting, the relubrication of the bearings will be done with the engine stopped. The first step is to clean the vicinity of the grease inlet, and we should put half the total grease that is recommended, then turn the motor about one minute at the nominal speed. After this step, turn off the engine and put the rest of the grease.

Greaseless electric motors are motors where lubrication must be performed in the preventive maintenance plan that exists in the company. Motors with shielded bearings must have replaced the bearings at the end of the grease service life.

To re-grease the bearings with the engine running, we must clean the vicinity of the grease entry hole and place the recommended total amount of grease and then replace the grease entry guard.

spherical roller bearings here

For vertical position mounted horizontal position motors, the relubrication frequency shall be halved. When using special applications with high and low temperatures in aggressive environments, when more speed variation is required, ask the manufacturer for information on the type of grease and the lubrication intervals that should be used.