Magnetic field

Polluting gases, such as the carbon dioxide that is normally released from automobile exhaust fumes and from factory chimneys of major industries, have a high ozone depletion potential.

The performance of the electric motors is directly based on the principles of electromagnetism, in which the conductors located in a magnetic field and crossed by electric current suffer the action of a mechanical force, called torque.

In the market, there are numerous types of electric motors, although the main ones, which are most commonly used, are those of direct current and alternating current. DC motors have a higher value, since a device capable of converting the alternating current to DC is necessary.

In the case of AC motors, they are cheaper motors, and therefore, the most used ones, since the electric energy is distributed in the form of alternating current, thus enabling, the reduction of its cost.

The direct current counts on continuous and ordered flow of electrons always in the same direction. Alternating current, however, consists of a current, in which its magnitude and direction vary cyclically. Therefore, there is the variation of electric current, unlike what happens with the direct current.