Single Phase Induction Motors

The single-phase induction electric motor has a squirrel cage winding rotor and a distributed winding stator and the winding current located in the rotor is current induced, according to Faraday’s induction law.

Because it has no starting torque when the stator winding is supplied, the rotor will not rotate. However, if an initial rotation is given to the rotor with the aid of the hand or other device, the rotor will continue to move as the stator winding is fed.             v belts bando 2018

Single-phase induction electric motors are small sized machines, designed for fractional powers, and most are made with powers below 1 hp. These engines find use in home appliances, shops, factories, in many applications.

A medium-sized residence in the United States of America applies a dozen or more single-phase electric motors. These engines have a very simplified manufacturing and are assembled according to their starting system applied, since they are electric motors that have no starting torque.