Temperature and altitude interfere with the operation of the electric motor

The electric motor that works at altitudes above 1,000 meters will certainly present heating problems caused by rarefaction of the air as a result of the decrease of the cooling power of the electric motor.

Insufficient heat exchange between the surrounding air and the electric motor causes a reduction in losses as well as reduced power.

On the other hand, the electric motor that works in environments where the temperatures are at a negative 20 degrees, the electric motor has an excess condensation problem and this requires additional drainage or even the installation that can heat the electric motor if He’s been standing still for a long time.

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The electric motor operating in environments where the temperature is in the negative twenty degrees result in the formation of ice in the bearings and the result of this will be the hardening of the grease or the lubricant that is used in the bearings and because of the freezing, it becomes necessary to use Of lubricants that are special or grease that do not freeze because of the temperature.