The Advantages of Induction Motors

Three-phase induction electric motors have a wide range of advantages, compared to other types of electric motors found in the market, among them, we can emphasize the ease of the performance in the process of cleaning and simplicity of command, its simple construction, with a cost respectfully reduced, and great versatility of adaptation and adhesion to loads of any type.

The main advantage of the squirrel cage rotor induction motor in comparison to the coiled rotor is because it derives in a faster, more competent, practical and economical armature projection. It affects an electric motor estimated to be strong, low cost, fast production, not needing a collector, ie reducing the amount of components located in the engine, simplifying its maintenance process, besides being a machine to the network.

The three-phase induction motor must operate at a constant speed that can change subtly with the mechanical load applied to the shaft, making it viable due to its simplicity, ease and strength, it is a very sought after motor, making it suitable for almost all types of driven machines found in the trade.